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Having Problems With Your Antidepressants? A Compounding Pharmacy Could Help

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Antidepressants are a necessary type of medication for millions of people across the country. Unfortunately, if you are suffering from a problem with yours (such as decreased efficiency or withdrawal symptoms), life is going to be very difficult. Thankfully, compounding pharmacies can fix many of these problems by altering your medication in a safe way. Are Your Depression Medication Side Effects Changing? Often people who are on antidepressants may either feel worsened symptoms of their depression or other side effects that may change how they feel. For example, they may feel muscle aches and nausea and have trouble sleeping, when those symptoms had previously passed. Alternately, they may find that they suddenly feel so good about life that they no longer need their antidepressants. Unfortunately, these symptoms often make a person believe that their antidepressant is either not effective or that they no longer need it. This is a major mistake because these medications correct chemical imbalances in your brain, and changing them suddenly can put you in serious danger. A compounding pharmacy may be necessary as a way of finding a medication that can help. When You’ve Jumped From One Antidepressant To Another… Alternately, a person may have jumped from one antidepressant to another in an attempt to find the one that works for them. Antidepressants work in a variety of different ways, and what works for one person may not for another. In fact, one medicine may not actually treat all of your depression symptoms. Quitting any antidepressant suddenly or changing to a new one can cause a variety of withdrawal symptoms, such as physical illness, a return of depression, suicidal thoughts, severe physical pain, anxiety, muscle spasms, and dizziness. A good compounding pharmacy can help prevent this problem. How Compounding Pharmacies May Help Compounding pharmacies are those with pharmacists who are skilled at combining, mixing, and altering medications to suit an individual person’s needs. Typically it is done with treatments for physical health concerns, but a skilled compounding pharmacist may be able to create a mixed antidepressant that can help your depression symptoms and prevent withdrawal. For example, they may be able to either decrease the dosage of your typical antidepressant or add small doses of another one which you have had positive results with in the past. This approach often requires trying multiple antidepressants. However, it may be exactly what you need to keep your symptoms from becoming dangerous and threatening your life. If you’re suffering from depression and you find your antidepressants no longer help, please contact a compounding pharmacy like Camelback Compounding Pharmacy for additional...

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Getting Up And Getting Down: How Lift Chairs Can Help After Hip Surgery

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A total hip replacement is a very painful process, but one which must be done if you can no longer walk or you have broken your hip. After you have the surgery and you are working with a physical therapist to heal and to walk again, you may find that you still have a lot of pain and difficulty getting up and sitting down. Since movement is so important to your healing, you cannot opt to stay in bed until your surgical incisions have healed. A lift chair can help, and here is how. Regaining Movement Slowly but Surely In the first couple of weeks after surgery, you will want to take things nice and slow. This does not mean you should not move at all. In fact, most orthopedic surgeons suggest that once you are cleared to leave the hospital, you are ready to begin moving. However, you do have to move more slowly than you did before surgery (if you could move at all then). A lift chair can be prescribed to help you get up and sit down. The chair slowly raises you to a standing position, which can help your muscles and your new hip adjust to the movement required to stand. When you want to sit, you back into the raised chair and press the buttons to slowly lower you into a sitting or reclining position.  Retraining Muscles to Work with the Metal Hip Hip replacements are almost always made of surgical steel. The muscles that typically surround the bones of your hip have to be reattached in a different manner, which means you need to retrain these muscles to work with the metal hip. The steady up and down movement of a lift chair aids in that process. It is a good idea to use this chair to rest in whenever possible. That way, when you need to get up to use the bathroom, answer the door, or fix something to eat, your muscles and metal hip are getting exactly the type of muscle memory workout they need. Providing Gentle Comfort after Physical Therapy Until you have made a full recovery, you will be expected to see a physical therapist. The sessions with the physical therapist may be very painful at first, but the pain will gradually diminish as your muscles adapt and get stronger and moving with the metal hip becomes more natural. In the meantime, you may find that your derriere and hips are quite fatigued or sore after your therapy sessions. Sitting for too long just to get some post-therapy comfort may leave you stiff. The lift chair will help you by first providing some cushion-y comfort and then by helping you stand again so that you do not become too...

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How To Cure Your Child’s Head Lice Problem

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When you notice that your child is scratching their head incessantly, then you might get a knot in your stomach fearing that they have head lice. If it turns out they do, don’t freak out. It’s a bothersome problem, no doubt, but it’s not something that you can’t handle at home.  Below are a few ideas for head lice treatment. One of them is a simple, and easy solution, but it’s only really appropriate for boys. The other is an all-natural solution. Finally, there is the final solution that will work for anyone suffering from lice. Does Your Son Mind A Hair Cut? Lice live on the hair. They attach their eggs to the hair. So the simplest way to get rid of them is to get rid of the hair. Now, little girls obviously won’t like this this, but some little boys might not mind an extreme hair change. Of course, you have to talk to your son, and not just cut his hair. But if he’s a fan of sports stars (like the many NBA players who shave their head), then he might think it’s cool. Remember, it’s important to understand that you can’t just give them a crew cut, it needs to be a clean shave. The lice can cling to the smallest hair, so you will want to shave it off completely. If your son already wears his hair really short, then this might be fine, but if he has medium length hair, you might want to think of a different solution. While your son might think it sounds cool, they might get upset once they see a bald head in the mirror. Olive Oil To Smother The Lice A popular alternative method of treating head lice is to smother them with olive oil (some other remedies use baby oil). The idea is that the olive oil will smother the lice and cause them to suffocate. The child will have to soak oil into their hair, put on a hair net, and then sleep with it. The only problem is that head lice have eggs which are attached to the hair strands. These eggs will survive and thus new lice will be born. One solution proposed in the alternative community is to use vinegar to loosen the eggs (which are attached to the hair with a sticky substance) and then comb them out. However, this might not get every last lice and egg. The most effective part of this process is the combing. However, some lice might survive the olive oil, plus it’s super messy. Pediculicide and Combs: The Best Method To Kill Lice The best method is to use a chemical used to kill lice (pediulicide). There are many different chemicals on the market. One interesting bit of trivia is that one such chemical (Pyrethrins) is derived from the beautiful chrysanthemum flower. These chemicals are massaged into the hair and then left on for a period of time. They kill the lice. They will often be sold with a small, fine tooth comb. This is absolutely necessary because the lice and the lice eggs need to be combed out. The poison will kill them more effectively than oil, but you still need to use the small comb to get rid of the eggs and...

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Helping Your Child Prevent A Hockey Injury

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Participating in hockey can be a great way to help your child get more exercise, learn discipline, and make new friends. The physical nature of hockey could place your child at risk of sustaining a sports-related injury if the necessary measures aren’t taken to prevent these injuries. Here are three things you can have your child do to reduce his or her risk of becoming injured while out on the ice. 1. Ensure equipment is worn properly Protective equipment plays a vital role in protecting your child from serious injury during a hockey game, but this equipment can only provide maximum protection when worn properly. Work with your child to ensure that he or she knows how to put on elbow pads, shin guards, and a chest protector. You should also stress to your child the importance of keeping the helmet strap buckled while out on the ice to reduce the risk of serious injury in the future. 2. Engage in strength training off the ice Hockey requires a significant amount of strength and coordination. Young players must be able to balance on thin blades while pursuing the puck, avoiding collisions with other players, and running set plays. Serious injuries can occur when a young hockey player doesn’t have the strength necessary to maintain proper balance while on the ice. An improper skating position caused by poor conditioning can lead to muscle strains and other injuries. By having your child engage in strength training off the ice to improve his or her abdominal and lower body strength, the risk of your child sustaining an injury due to poor form can be reduced. 3. Use kinesio tape to support joints Young children are still growing and developing, and this can leave their joints susceptible to injury while playing a game of hockey. You can reduce your child’s risk of injury by having their joints taped using kinesio tape prior to any practice or game. Kinesio tape is designed to tension that stabilizes the muscles and joints. You can visit a physical therapist for advice on the best way to tape your child before he or she gets on the ice to provide maximum protection against injury. Keeping your child safe from harm should be a primary concern each time he or she steps out onto the ice. You can reduce your child’s risk of sustaining a hockey-related injury by teaching them to wear proper equipment, creating an off-ice strength training program, and using kinesio tape for joint support. For more information, contact clinics like Staten Island Physical Therapy...

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Three Tips For Those That Suffer From Allergies

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Suffering severe allergies can be a very unpleasant problem for a person to experience. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that may not be aware of the various steps that they can take to help protect themselves against severe allergy attacks. To this end, you will want to be mindful of the following few tips for controlling your allergy symptoms. Upgrade The Air Filters In Your Home’s Air Conditioning System An air conditioning system can be an essential appliance when the temperature gets hot outside. However, these systems can bring pollen and other allergens into your home. To minimize the amount of these substances that make it into your home, you should consider opting for hypoallergenic filters. These filters are designed so that they can trap pollen and other allergens that may be small enough to slip through traditional filters. While these filters will be more expensive than their traditional counterparts, the benefits to your allergy symptoms can be more than worthwhile. Change Your Clothing As Soon As You Get Home Over the course of a day, it is possible for a number of allergens to get stuck to your clothing. As a result, you may be unknowingly bringing these materials into your house. To help minimize this source of contamination, you should make sure to change your clothing as soon as you return home for the day. Additionally, you will want to immediately place your dirty clothing in a closed laundry hamper to minimize the ability of the allergens to spread from your clothing. Undergo Allergy Testing Being informed about your allergies can be one of the most important steps for helping you to combat this problem. Unfortunately, you may not be entirely aware of the various substances that can an allergic reaction in your body, which can make it far more difficult for you to avoid allergy attacks. Luckily, it is possible to undergo comprehensive allergy testing that will allow you to know exactly which substances cause these reactions. During these tests, a doctor will apply a very small sample of various allergens to your skin. In instances where you are allergic, the skin around the allergen will slightly swell. Allergies can be an extremely disruptive problem for a person to experience. Unfortunately, it can be common for individuals to overlook the proactive steps that can be taken to minimize the frequency and severity of these reactions. Appreciating the importance of using hypoallergenic air filters, changing your clothes when you return home, and undergoing allergy testing will allow you to be better prepared for this problem. For more information, contact an allergy specialist in your...

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3 Ways To Use A Walk In Tub To Manage Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

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Not succumbing to the pain and discomfort of rheumatoid arthritis can be difficult for the 1.3 million Americans that are affected by this condition. While rheumatoid arthritis cannot be cured, the symptoms can be managed in many ways. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, consider investing in a walk in bathtub, as there are 3 ways you can use it to your advantage. Soak in Warm Water During Hydrotherapy If you don’t have a Jacuzzi at home, the next best thing you can get is a walk in bathtub. Most walk in tubs come equipped with water jets for hydrotherapy. The warm water being spewed out by these jets can increase blood flow to your joints and to affected areas of the body. This will soothe tensed muscles and tendons to decrease pain, discomfort, and inflammation. You can positions the jets so that they target specific parts of your body. Perform Light Exercises to Strengthen Joints and Muscles Warm water exercises have also been known to help manage arthritis symptoms, and there are plenty of different types of exercises that you can try out when sitting in the walk in tubs. Commonly-recommended exercises include forward arm reaches, elbow bends, wrist turns, finger curls and side leg lifts. Try to follow through with the complete joint range of motion, but don’t force it. Stop immediately if you experience any sudden or increased pain. Constant exercise will keep you nimble and on your feet for longer. Textured Flooring and Safety Bars for Extra Support During Bad Days When you’re having bad days, the symptoms you are experiencing may be so painful that you don’t want to do anything at all. Your range of motion may be severely limited. In these situations, you’ll want to take advantage of the textured flooring, the safety bars and the seating options offered by the walk in tubs to help prevent exacerbating the symptoms. You don’t want to put unnecessary stress and pressure on your joints, as it will only worsen your condition and situation. Walk in tubs also prevent slips and falls. Conclusion While there isn’t a cure for rheumatoid arthritis, you can still help yourself by managing the symptoms with the help of the many features offered by a walk in tub. There are many models available with unique features designed to cater to different conditions and situations. Shop around to find a model best suited to your needs. A walk in tub is a great investment that will surely improve your quality of living in the long...

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4 Eye Issues That Require An Ophthalmologist

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If you’re having an eye related issue that is persistent at best and painful at worst, then it is probably time to see an ophthalmologist. They can address the issue and possibly help you save your vision. Read on and discover just a few issues that an ophthalmologist can definitely address. Temporal Arteritis No one knows the exact cause of temporal arteritis – it is sometimes chalked up to a damaged immune system – but what occurs is well documented. Essentially, this issue manifests itself as the arteries throughout your body becoming inflamed. This can cause a number of issues, including pain while chewing and massive headaches. Often times, temporal arteritis can cause you to suddenly lose vision in one eye. If not treated immediately, it can occasionally lead to permanent vision impairment or vision loss. There are also occasions when both eyes will fail. Presbyopia This is an issue that occurs to many people. After the age of 40, your eyes will begin to naturally degrade. You will not be able to see objects that are close up, in front of your face, as well as small print. However, an ophthalmologist can help ameliorate these issues for you. Many times presbyopia can even be corrected through a simple matter of prescription reading glasses. Occasionally, an ophthalmologist will recommend LASIK surgery in order to correct the issue. Eyelid Issues Although the eyelids protect your eyes, there are times when the eyelids themselves can become damaged. You may find that your eyelids have suddenly become the subject of itching, tearing, or general pain. You may even find that your eyelids are subject to wild spasms. Most often, these issues are nothing to worry about. However, if the issues persist, it is recommended that you make an appointment with your local and trusted ophthalmologist. He or she may recommend cleaning methods which may address the issues, or if the issue is rather serious, the doctor can recommend medications or surgeries which can correct the problems. Floaters After stepping into the sun or into a bright room after being in a dimly lit area, you might notice little tiny specks “floating” in front of you. These are often referred to as “floaters.” These are not an issue for concern, unless, of course, the issue persists. Persistent floaters can be indicative of more serious issues, such as retinal detachment. If you see flashes of light or dark shadows on the very edge of your vision, accompanied by constant floaters, see your ophthalmologist immediately. For more information, contact local professionals like Coastal Eye...

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5 Health Conditions That Could Be Discovered During An Eye Exam

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Your eyes are not simply the windows to your soul. They are also indicators of systemic health conditions. Thus, an eye exam can be used for more than determining whether or not you need glasses. Here are several health conditions that maybe exposed during an eye exam: High Blood Pressure If you have hypertension, the blood vessels throughout your body may suffer from the amount of pressure or force exhibited against the vessel walls. As your eye doctor checks your eyes during an exam, he or she can assess the blood vessels within the eye. If these vessels have been damaged by hypertension, they may display irregularities such as tears and unusual bends or angles. Diabetes High amounts of blood sugar can cause damage to the blood vessels of the eye, especially those of the retina. During an eye exam, your optometrist or ophthalmologist may notice that your retinal blood vessels are leaking yellow fluid or blood. This leaking condition is known as diabetic retinopathy. Over time, the leaking capillaries can eventually become closed off or blocked, leading to retinal damage and even to other eye conditions, such as glaucoma. Thyroid Problems People who have thyroid issues often have eyes that appear to bulge or protrude. If you have this condition, you may not notice it or may believe that it is your normal appearance. However, your eye doctor can readily recognize the eye-bulging phenomenon as Graves disease. High Levels of Cholesterol If you have high cholesterol, the cornea of your eye may appear yellowed. Additionally, as your eye doctor views the capillaries of your retina, he or she may notice that plaques from cholesterol buildup have formed within the blood vessels. Cancerous Growths The shape and formation of your eye should have a regular appearance. However, if your optometrist or ophthalmologist notices that you eye exhibits structural irregularities, he or she may suspect cancer. The cancer can change the pigmentation of the eye, or it can cause growths on the eye. In addition to localized ocular melanoma, an exam may expose skin cancer that has spread to the lids of the eye. Early detection of these types of cancer are important, especially due to the eye’s proximity to the brain, because the spread or transfer of cancer cells is common. To learn more about the relationship between your eyes and systemic conditions and to have your eyes assessed, schedule an eye exam with an eye doctor in your...

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3 Serious Effects Autoimmune Disorders Can Have On Your Eyes

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If you have an autoimmune disorder such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis, you may experience muscle and joint pain, an unsteady gait, profound fatigue, and dizziness. These medical conditions can also cause serious problems with your eyes, including your optic nerves. Eye doctors are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune-related ocular disease; however, in certain cases, a neurology consult may be necessary. Here are three serious effects that your autoimmune disorder may have on your eyes and what you can do about them: Temporary Blindness Autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis may cause vision loss, especially during the early stages of the disease. The vision loss is typically unilateral, meaning that it usually affects only one eye. Optic neuritis, which refers to the inflammation of the optic nerve, generally causes eye pain, blurred vision, light flashes, the inability to see colors, and loss of vision in the affected eye. If you develop this condition, your doctor may prescribe corticosteroids or even vitamin B12 injections because, in certain cases, optic neuritis can develop in multiple sclerosis patients who are deficient in this nutrient.  Extreme Dry Eyes If you have Sjögren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that most commonly affects women, your symptoms may include extremely dry, gritty eyes that are red, inflamed, and irritated. Because this disease can affect the salivary glands, you may also experience a dry mouth, which can be so severe that you may have trouble chewing, eating, and even speaking. Your eye doctor will recommend special eye drops to restore moisture to your eyes if you have Sjögren’s, and if the disease has affected your salivary glands, your dentist may prescribe an enzyme-based mouthwash to help keep your oral tissues from drying out. If your mouth is constantly dry, you may be more susceptible to developing gum disease and cavities because adequate salivary flow helps wash away bacteria and other infection-causing microorganisms from accumulating in your mouth.  Eye Pain Rheumatoid arthritis can cause pain, limited mobility, and destruction of joints, and while these are the most common symptoms, other manifestations such as fatigue, loss of appetite, and eye problems may develop as well. Because rheumatoid arthritis triggers a systemic inflammatory reaction throughout your whole body, your eyes may be effected. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, you may experience eye pain and redness because this disorder often causes inflammation of the sclera, or the white part of your eye. Once your arthritis is under control through medication, your eye symptoms will generally improve. If you have an autoimmune disorder and experience any of the above conditions, see your eye doctor. The sooner you make an appointment, the sooner your doctor can recommend an effective treatment plan that will help relieve your symptoms and reduce the risk for future ocular complications. Click here for more...

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Technology Trends That Help Your Cardiologist To Effectively Treat You

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Heart attacks are responsible for thousands of deaths in America as researchers conduct studies to find the perfect treatment to save lives. A number of integrating trends dominate the continued search, which scientists hope will decrease the current rise in cardiac morbidity. Cardiac imaging and information technologies have seen impressive advances that include the first magnetic catheter navigation system. There is also 16-slice computed tomography systems (CT). These systems are capable of identifying soft coronary plaque. The all-important electrocardiogram (ECG) will be a thing of the past, since new self-gating magnetic resonance (MR) software eliminates the need for ECG. Magnetic resonance bypasses the need for an ECG signal. You will benefit from new cardiology technology that saves lives. Technology That Is Less Invasive One of the shared qualities of new cardiology technologies is that the techniques are less invasive for diagnosis and associated treatment planning. MR, for instance, focuses on visualizing your coronary arteries. Though new technology is important and is being used to detect early signs of your heart condition, it’s also very crucial for you to seek immediate treatment when you experience symptoms that could lead you to suffer a heart attack. Your cardiologist can find convincing evidence of heart disease without performing surgery when your coronary problem is identified and treated early. New technology tools allow your specialist to visualize building soft plaque, which researchers maintain is the cause of heart attacks. You obtain a faster diagnosis and implementation of treatment planning with imaging technology. Since such large numbers of Americans do suffer from heart disease, it makes sense to use technology tools to identify and treat heart disease early. Once your heart disease is identified, its progression should be followed to ensure that you receive appropriate and successful care. With that in mind, there is a movement toward creating specialized heart hospitals for your care. Researchers feel that these cardiac care hospitals allow cardiologists to find solutions that ultimately enables proven outcomes. The researchers also name the following conditions as contributing to your cardiology problems: Atherosclerosis Heart failure Stroke Atrial fibrillation Hypertension Obesity And Aging Sudden Cardiac Death From all indications, new technology is helping to improve the lives of cardiac patients. Obesity is associated with every one of the above major cardiovascular conditions. The issues of obesity and nutrition will eventually have to be addressed nationally. People will have to eat nutritious meals and exercise regularly  in order to lower incidences of cardiology-related conditions. Talk to professionals, such as Billings Clinic, for any more...

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