Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

  • Learn How To Easily Remove A Splinter From Your Dominate Hand

    When you get a splinter in your dominate hand, it can be very difficult to remove it. Handling a needle or a pair of tweezers with your non-dominant hand to remove the splinter will be very tedious and potentially dangerous because you will not have the control you need to remove the splinter easily. Fortunately, you can remove the splinter from your dominate hand without using tweezers or needles, if you use the guide that follows.

  • Does Your Child Have Speach Problems? Hearing, Orthodontics And Development Could Be The Problems

    If your child isn't speaking clearly or properly, and you think it's affecting their ability to progress, you'll want to get them to a pediatrician to see if they need a specialist. There are a couple of different things that could be affecting their ability to talk. You don't want to let a hearing, orthodontic or developmental problem go without treatment because it can get worse and delay their development. Here are a few things you want to talk with your pediatrician about, so you can see the right specialist to help with the problem.

  • What You Need To Know When Considering Cataract Surgery

    If you are thinking about having cataract surgery, this is the place to start. Many people are squeamish about the thought of surgery, but this is a procedure that has been done for years, and can be done as an outpatient procedure. And it permanently improves your eyesight. If you have suffered for years with blurry vision and increasingly stronger eyeglasses, once you've had this surgery, you'll kick yourself for not having it done long ago.

  • The Blind Have Found A Way To Physically See Without Eyes

    What do you consider to be your most important of the five human senses? While taste, touch, hearing, and smell add much to the way humans discover and encounter the world around them, sight is a luxury sometimes taken for granted by those with fully functioning eyes. Within the animal kingdom, bats have discovered an interesting way to see clearly in the otherwise black night... and interestingly, they don't even need to use their eyes to see.

  • Hernias: Detection, Treatment, And Prevention

    Hernias are caused by a variety of factors, and hernias can be very hard to hide. These lumps can be unpleasant on your body, but it is important to learn what exactly a hernia is, what causes them, how to treat them, and how to attempt to prevent them from returning. What is a Hernia? A hernia is a lump that usually shows up on your abdomen and it appears because an organ in your body has found a way past the muscle tissue in front of it through an opening.

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Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

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