Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Watch For These Signs Of A Staph Infection

Nellie Ryan

A staph infection is a serious skin condition that requires medical care. While you should promptly visit an urgent care center if you have a high fever that accompanies your other staph infection symptoms, it's generally suitable to visit your family doctor if your symptoms are minor. Many people can develop a staph infection, but children and athletes are often susceptible to this condition because of how frequently they develop skin abrasions that can get infected. Here are some indicators of a staph infection.

Painful Rash

Perhaps the easiest way to tell that you could have a staph infection is that you have a rash that is sore and doesn't seem to be going away. It's possible to get an ordinary rash for all sorts of reasons, and you've likely had rashes that lessen in severity in a short amount of time. For example, an ordinary rash might be uncomfortable for a day, but feel a lot better when you wake up the next morning. A staph infection looks like a typical rash but doesn't show signs of healing quickly. Additionally, it can often be sore — especially when you make contact with it.


Another indicator that you could have a staph infection is that the area around the rash is swollen. Ordinary rashes aren't generally swollen, so the presence of swelling should always alert you to something being wrong. The swelling can vary in severity. If the rash has become an open wound, the swelling can be worse than a rash that isn't open. Often, the swelling won't show signs of subsiding. For example, you might be aware of the level of swelling on a given day, and notice that it's the same or maybe even worse on the following day.


Although you should endeavor to avoid excessively touching your staph infection rash, you might be aware of heat coming from this area. Some people can feel the heat at the site, while others may have to place a hand near it before they're aware of a hot feeling. The presence of heat is often an indicator of the severity of the situation; the hotter the feeling, the more advanced this infection may be. If you believe that you have a staph infection, contact your doctor's office. They'll ask you about your symptoms, which you should describe as accurately as possible. Provided that they don't advise you to visit an urgent care center, they'll likely make you a prompt appointment with the family doctor.

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