Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

3 Reasons Why Psychotherapists Should Get EMDR Certification

Nellie Ryan

If you work as a psychotherapist, then your primary work is based on talk therapy. However, you can add to your skills and services by training in other types of therapy such as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).

While you might not need certification to work in this field, you should consider professional training and accreditation before you offer EMDR to your clients. Why?

1. Learn When to Use EMDR

EMDR therapy is different than talk therapy. It uses physical controls to reprogram the way a client's brain responds to trauma.

While many people respond well to EMDR therapy, you need to know when this is an appropriate treatment. During these sessions, people confront traumatic problems which they may hide away in talk therapy. If a client is not ready to do this or cannot cope with the process, then they might suffer setbacks rather than make progress.

During your certification training, you will learn when EMDR is a viable process for a new or existing client. For example, you will learn when you can use this therapy to help a client who is stuck and no longer responding to regular psychotherapy. You will learn when you might need to wait to introduce this treatment.

2. Learn How to Use EMDR

Your talk therapy skills are not always transferable to EMDR procedures. For example, you won't encourage your clients to talk during these sessions to make sense of their feelings. You're encouraging them to cope with trauma through physical actions. This is a very different approach to talk therapy.

Most of the time, you will use EMDR because people find it too hard to talk about their trauma and need a different therapeutic approach. While EMDR can be a useful adjunct to talk therapy, you need to learn how to apply both therapies without unnecessary crossovers.

The intensive training you get during EMDR certification helps you do this. You don't just learn a new therapeutic technique; you also learn how to apply and integrate it.

3. Increase Your Client Base

Your current clients come to you because they want to try talk therapy. However, people who want a different approach will go to different therapists.

If you become EMDR-certified, then you open up your client market. You will gain new clients who want to try this therapy. Your certification gives them peace of mind that you have the right skills and training.

To find out more about the training and certification process, contact EMDR certification course providers like EMDR Instruction.


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