Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Undergoing Total Joint Replacement Rehab After Your Hospital Discharge

Nellie Ryan

When you are discharged from the hospital following an operation to replace one of your joints, you may not be ready to resume your normal routine just yet. You may need some help recovering from the operation and learning how to use your new joint safely.

To speed up your recovery, you may need some type of physical therapy geared toward people who underwent this kind of operation. You can benefit from professional total joint replacement rehab after you get out of the hospital.

Learning to Put Weight on Your Joint

You might hesitate to put weight on your new joint. You worry you might cause it to collapse or come out of place. You also are afraid of the pain you might experience as you learn to walk and move normally again.

This fear can prevent you from getting back up on your feet and learning to use your new joint properly. However, when you undergo total joint replacement rehab, you can work with therapists who understand your fear and hesitancy. They can help hold you steady while you learn to walk and bear weight on your joint. They can also help you regain strength gradually so your discomfort is kept to a minimum. 

Healing Faster

The total joint replacement rehab you undergo can also help you heal faster. As you work out the treated area of your body, you may encourage healthy blood flow to and around the joint. This blood flow can help your bones and tissues heal faster so you can get back to your normal life.

In fact, you may heal faster by undergoing total joint replacement rehab than by staying in bed all day at home. Your body can learn to adjust to the new joint quickly. You can also build up strength so you can walk and bear weight on the new joint.

Enhancing Your Safety

Finally, your total joint replacement rehab can keep you safe in the first few days and weeks after your operation. You avoid staying at home alone where you might fall trying to hop around on one leg to get around. Your therapists can support you and teach you how to exercise your new joint safely so you avoid injuring yourself or causing even more damage to the treated area.

Total joint replacement rehab is important to go through after your surgery. You can learn to put weight on the joint and heal faster. You also can learn to move around safely as you regain strength and resistance in your new joint.


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