Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Scheduling A Visit With A New Doctor? Follow These Tips

Nellie Ryan

Do you have an upcoming appointment with a new primary care physician? If it has been a while since you had this type of visit, it will help to follow these tips so that the visit goes well.

Show Up Early

It is always a good idea to show up early to your first appointment with your doctor. Chances are that there is going to be more paperwork than unusual that you have to fill out, which may be more than you anticipate. Being early will help ensure that you see your doctor on time and that they have more time to spend talking to you.

Ask Family Members About Their Medical History

You are also going to provide a medical history of family members so that the doctor can keep in mind things that you are more at risk for. It is worth asking family members prior to your visit if you need to be aware of any medical problems that you should make note of. You may be surprised to learn that family members are dealing with issues that you were completely unaware of, but have a genetic inheritance that can be passed down to you. For example, parents who are dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease may be conditions that could be passed down.

Bring A List Of Medications

Your new doctor is going to want to have a list of all the medications that you're taking, both prescription, over-the-counter, and vitamins. You do not have to bring in the physical medication with you, but it will help to write all the names of your medication down, as well as the dosage and frequency that you're taking the medication. This will help make your doctor aware of any potential medication conflicts if they were to prescribe you something new.

Write Down Your Questions

It's easy to get sidetracked during a visit with your doctor about a single issue, and then before you know it your time is up. That is why it is worth writing down all of your concerns so that you do not forget what you want to speak to them about. Your doctor will likely prioritize the things that you talk about during your visit if you let them know all of your concerns up front, since some may be more of a concern to them than others. 

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