Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Getting Cataract Surgery? What You Can Expect And A Complication

Nellie Ryan

If you have been told that you have cataracts, your doctor may suggest cataract surgery. This surgery can help you see normally again. Read on to learn some information about this surgery and its potential complications.

Cataract Surgery

The first thing the surgeon will do during this surgery is remove the lens that is over your eye. Once removed, they will replace this lens with an artificial lens. 

The surgeon makes a small cut on your cornea, which covers your eye. They will use a special tool that sends sound waves to break up the damaged lens into small pieces. They will then use a special type of vacuum to suck up the broken pieces. The doctor will then install your new lens. The cut they make on your eye is very small, so no stitches are required.

In most cases, a laser is used during the surgery instead of a knife. This is because it is much easier for the doctor to make precise cuts with a laser. The laser is also useful as it softens your cataract. This will make the cataract much easier to remove. 

YAG Laser Eye Treatment

You may have problems with your lens membrane after your cataract surgery. This membrane may thicken, which could cause problems with your vision. 

When your cataract surgery is completed there are still cells on the back of your eye. These cells can become thick and opaque over time. When this happens, you will start to have blurry vision, or your vision may be clouded. You may also have a problem with light glares, and bright lights may hurt your eyes. 

The most common way this problem is treated is by getting YAG laser eye treatment. This is often used for people that have had cataract surgery.

YAG laser eye treatment is quick and non-invasive. In most cases you will only have to stay a few hours after the treatment and then go home. 

During the treatment the doctor will put numbing eye drops in your eye. This also makes your pupils larger, which helps your doctor able to see them better. The doctor will use a laser attached to a special machine to perform the surgery. The doctor focuses the laser in the proper position to treat the eye. 

Talk with your eye doctor to learn much more about cataract surgery and YAG laser treatment. Perhaps these treatments will work for you.


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