Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Important Protocol To Follow When Treating First-Degree Burns

Nellie Ryan

Getting burned can be painful, even after the initial contact with heat or fire occurs. If you're currently struggling with first-degree burns, then this protocol can help you treat this medical problem accordingly. 

Try Skin Creams

For minor burns, there are a lot of skin creams you can put on the area feeling sore or achy. The creams have natural ingredients that promote blood flow to the pained area, which can help soothe your pain and provide a faster recovery.

You want to be strategic with the skin creams you get, however. Make sure they're specifically designed for burns and you also want them to be appropriate for the type of skin you have.

You can then easily avoid having a negative reaction and making the burn worse as time goes on. Also, follow the skin cream's directions as stated so that you achieve maximum pain-relieving results.

Keep Wound Clean

If a sore has developed around the area where you got burned, then you want to do your best to keep this area as clean as possible. If you neglected this part of burn treatment, the wound can become infected that then leads to more serious health problems.

Whatever type of bandage or wrap you're using to cover the damaged portion of skin, unwrap it and apply some water. Next, get some petroleum jelly and apply it to the damaged area. It helps keep the wound sterile. Then put the wrap back in place and repeat these steps until you've fully recovered.

Utilize Ice Therapy

The simple act of putting ice on your pained area can do wonders for helping you get through minor burns. Ice therapy is actually the go-to care treatment for many first-degree wounds as it's easy to carry out.

Grab any ordinary ice pack and put it on the area that is in the most pain. Apply periodically throughout the day or when your pain levels are the worst. Once the pain eases, you can take the ice pack off and keep it ready for when the pain comes back. Doing this day and night can fast-track your healing.

First-degree burns are technically considered minor, but they can still cause a good deal of pain. If you're dealing with one currently, read up on burn treatment options. Knowing how to deal with burns from the beginning can help you get to feeling better in a shorter period of time. 


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