Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Was Your Husband Diagnosed With Prediabetes? 3 Tips To Help Him With His Weight Loss Journey

Nellie Ryan

A prediabetes diagnosis means that your husband's blood sugar level is higher than what is considered normal, yet he has not yet passed the line into having full-blown diabetes. While it is always troubling to receive negative news after a health screening, there is still time for your husband to halt the condition from progressing. Healthy lifestyle changes are typically recommended following a prediabetes diagnosis, and you can use these tips to help your husband stay on track with his plan to lose weight.

1. Find the Right Weight Management Program

Weight loss programs vary significantly, and your husband needs to find one that he can stick with for a long time. Encourage your husband to avoid the latest fad diets and instead focus on working with a realistic program that can seamlessly be incorporated into his lifestyle. Ideally, the program should include features such as a healthy diet plan combined with recommendations for exercise that encourage steady weight loss that sticks.

2. Make Exercise a Couple's Activity

Some people love working out while others need some extra motivation. If your husband would rather cuddle on the couch, then you can help him get motivated for workouts by making it a part of your daily routine. Try going for a walk or jog after dinner instead of sitting in front of the TV. You can also join a gym or explore bodyweight exercises that you can do at home that help you both to get in better shape. Working out together helps your husband to gain a sense of accountability that makes him less likely to skip his sessions.

3. Celebrate Special Milestones

Weight loss journeys often go so slow that it is easy to overlook progress. Find ways to help your husband recognize when he hits a major milestone. For instance, you could give him some new workout gear as a gift when he loses his first ten pounds. Alternatively, you could go on a short vacation together when he finally achieves his desired weight. As you look for ways to honor his achievements, remember to include both short and long-term goals in your plans so that he has both to work toward.

Losing weight is often involved in a person's treatment plan for prediabetes. While your husband should expect this to be a long-term plan, you can show him support by turning his journey into an adventure that enhances your lives together.


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