Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Traveling A Lot This Summer? 5 Tricks To Stay Healthy

Nellie Ryan

Traveling during the summer can be a lot of fun; however, if you don't watch out, traveling can also have a negative effect on your waistline and your health.

#1 Eat A Healthy Breakfast

One of the keys to staying healthy while traveling extensively is to eat a healthy breakfast. Although it is okay to indulge in some donuts, croissants and sugary yogurts a few times, you should try to stick to healthy breakfast food.

Starting your day off with healthy breakfast food, instead of a lot of sugar, will provide you with the energy you need to get your day off to a good start. Try to eat fresh fruit and protein for breakfast; this will provide you with the nutrients and energy you need for an active vacation day.

#2 Always Put On Sunscreen

In the fun of a vacation, it is easy to forget about things such as sunscreen. However, skipping out on sunscreen can ruin a great vacation if you end up with a massive burn that you have to nurse. Make sure that you bring sunscreen with you, and be sure to throw it into your bag when you head out so you can reapply it throughout the day. When you purchase sunscreen, make sure that it says that it blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Some sunscreens only block UVB rays, but UVA rays can still hurt your skin as well.

#3 Add In Time For Sleep

If you like to be constantly on the go when you are on vacation, make sure that you don't overlook the importance of sleep. It can be easy to overschedule your vacation with late-night events and early morning tours. Make sure that you keep a few evenings and mornings free so you can get enough sleep. You don't need to stay up late or get up early every morning on your vacation. Remember, it is important to relax and treat your body well on your vacation.

#4 Save Dessert For Special Occasions

Just because you are on vacation, you don't have to eat dessert every night. It can really wreck your diet if you do that. Instead, save dessert for special nights on your vacation or for a restaurant that is known for making really great desserts. Enjoy a few great desserts so that you treasure the experience.

#5 Get In Some Exercise

Make sure that you get in regular exercise on your vacation. It can be easy to add exercise into your vacation. Take a walk around the area where you are staying every day for twenty minutes. Enjoy a swim in the pool every evening. Take a walking tour or a bicycle tour of the city. Do a few special activities that get you going, like a hike or zip-lining that will provide you with some fun exercise opportunities. 

Talk with your primary care physician before the trip for more advice.


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