Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Using Exercise to Help Reduce Spider Veins

Nellie Ryan

If you suffer from unsightly spider veins on your hands, going to a doctor to find out treatment options is recommended if the veins are painful in any way. If they are more of an inconvenience, giving you embarrassment as they blemish the skin, there are a few exercises to try on your own to try to reduce the appearance of red markings in your hands.

How Your Veins Work

Spider veins in the hand are actually small varicose veins. Your blood travels in veins throughout your entire body. Blood moves in one direction through these veins, ending at the heart. Each vein in your body has small valves inside that help keep blood moving in the proper direction. As people age or gain weight, the valves in the veins become affected by pooling up with blood at the valve areas. When blood pools, it causes varicose veins. Exercise can help get blood circulated, keeping it from pooling.

Stretching Hands And Fingers

Hand and finger stretching helps keep blood moving throughout the entire appendage. Start by holding your hand out in front of you as if you are reaching for something on a table. Separate the fingers and hold the position for a few seconds. Then, curl your fingers into a fist and hold this position for a few seconds. Open and close your hand several times slowly, feeling the stretch of the muscles in the process. Continue by stretching each finger separately. Straighten the finger and then curl it. Do not forget the thumb!

Another hand and finger exercise is to push all of your fingers back using your other hand. Do not push them too far, as this is painful. Instead, push them gently from the palm-side of your hand. Hold in place for a few seconds and release. Make sure to do both exercises slowly to get the best result.

Stretching Wrists

Do wrist stretches each day to help reduce spider veins in your hands, as well. Place your palms together and lift your elbows. This motion will stretch the insides of your wrists, helping to keep blood circulating. Hold in place for five to ten seconds and release. Repeat several times. Doing this exercise along with the hand stretching works best. Massaging the hands daily also helps keep blood circulating throughout the veins. Massage each hand using your other hand at the end of your stretching session.


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Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

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