Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

How Physical Structure Might Be Related To Some Adult Psychiatric Disorders

Nellie Ryan

The statistics for 2012 indicates that there were approximately 9.6 million Americans, above the age of 18, who had suffered from a serious mental illness within that year. In addition to that there was 18.6 percent or almost 48 million people, in this same demographic group, who experienced some form of mental illness within that same year. The signs exhibited by these persons usually included a combination of physical, mental and emotional symptoms, thereby strengthening the association between mental illness and physical illness.

However, recent studies have indicated that there may be wider implications in some psychiatric conditions that may be linked to structural conditions of the body and may be a part of a wider number of disorders than just the psychosis itself. 

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Opening the mouth is a routine expectation when doing any form of medical examination. However, it has been estimated that a slightly wider hard palate may be related to occurrences of schizophrenia. The researchers who have detected this strange co-relation have also indicated that this deformity in the roof of the mouth is also related to specific mutations and possible genetic flaws in the structure of the body that are related to certain symptoms, which include schizophrenia.

This research has provided a means that might lead to future interpretations of schizophrenia as a part of other developmental disorders. Of course, more study needs to be done so that those who may not be schizophrenic at all might not be misdiagnosed. However, it gives hope for early detection which might be even more helpful for the 1 percent of people who suffer from the disorder.

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While the loss of myelin sheathing, that covers the nerve fibers in the brain, has been linked to such disorders as multiple sclerosis and spastic weakness, it is also possible that it can be associated with the development of mental illness. While the reduction or overproduction of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin have been long associated with mental illness, the loss of sheathing can also have an effect on a person's behavior and mental state.

Interestingly too, research has discovered that it is possible, that while some forms of mental illness can result in the person seeking social isolation, the loss of the myelin sheath can also be caused by social isolation. Unfortunately in some cases, including drug, poison or alcohol-related myelin loss, the damage is not reversible and the loss of both the sheath as well as the neurotransmitters results in long term effects of both mental and physical problems. Contact Ghaly, Nasri - Ghaly Healing & Wellness Center for more information.


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