Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Two Tips For New Parents Before Baby Arrives

Nellie Ryan

Having a baby is one of the most special experiences you will ever go through. For first time parents, it can also be very overwhelming. Luckily, there are lots of things that you can do before the baby arrives to ease some of the worries and stress. By working with your obstetrician and partner, you can create a solid birth plan that you are comfortable with. This guide goes over some of the things that soon-to-be parents can do to prepare for a new baby.

Attend Some Classes

You can attend classes at your hospital and through other programs to ease you through pregnancy and prepare for the baby. Some of the classes new parents take are:

  • Lamaze – This is one of the most popular classes offered to pregnant women. The class teaches labor support, breathing techniques, and massages to alleviate pregnancy pain and labor pain.

  • Bradley Method – This class is based on the Bradley Method, which teaches women how to labor and give birth naturally and without any medication. One of the main parts of the class goes through relaxation methods to handle pain and trust your body to do its job during labor.

  • Childbirth education – This is a basic childbirth class that goes over things like types of delivery, birthing at that specific hospital, procedures, and much more. Some hospitals even require a childbirth class in order to give birth at their hospital.

Tour the Hospital

One thing you should definitely do before the baby arrives is to take a tour of the labor and delivery ward of the hospital. You can do this at any time during your pregnancy. If you haven't done it within the last few weeks, be sure to schedule it as soon as possible. A nurse or hospital staff will take you on a personal tour and show you where you will be laboring. You will also see the suites where you will be moved to after the baby is born. The nursery is also on the tour so you can see where the baby will be when he is not in your room.


Having a good plan before giving birth is the best way to alleviate concerns and fear. Be sure to communicate with your partner so you both feel comfortable with the plan. Your doctor can look at the plan and add any suggestions to it if necessary. Always write down concerns or questions before each OB Gyn appointment so you are as prepared as can be before your bundle of joy arrives.


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