Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Cut Down On After Workout Acne Breakouts

Nellie Ryan

Exercise absolutely improves health and fitness levels. Millions of gym memberships are sold to people looking to improve their cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, a significant number of gym members undermine their skin health since their approach to training leads to acne. A huge benefit to working out is the physical improvement consistent exercise delivers. Excessive acne on the back, legs, and arms can undermine the aesthetics being sought from working out. Unfortunately, there are individuals who are highly susceptible to developing acne when working out. The right mix of preventive and proactive steps should be taken to keep acne under control and to seek the right treatment when acne is stubborn. Not engaging in things known to aggravate acne would be another wise plan.

Don't Wear Tight Shirts

Sweat is duly noted as the primary cause of workout-related acne. Showering after a workout is commonly suggested in order to get rid of the acne and its bacteria. Those who wear very tight-fitting shirts in the gym may make it tough for even a good shower to help. Perhaps wearing a shirt a size too big is a better plan when pumping iron and running on a treadmill. The suggestion might go against all fashion logic since a tight shirt does show off all that hard work in the gym. The problem here is the tight shirt soaked up sweat and presses it against the skin. Bacteria may run amok as a result. A loose-fitting shirt may reduce exposure somewhat

Avoid the Sun Tan Strategy

Hitting a tanning bed for the purpose of drying out acne is a short-term solution that might lead to worse problems. The tanning salon may eliminate a number of pimples overnight, but the chances of a bigger breakout in the near future is possible. Exposure to natural or artificial sunlight dries the skin leading to the skin producing more oil. This is what sets the stage for additional breakouts. A decision to consistently hit the gym's very convenient tanning bed to deal with the new acne breakouts are now increasing their risk of skin cancer.

Never Ignore Painful Acne

Painful cystic acne is usually indicative of a serious problem. The workouts in the gym may be aggravating the condition, a condition not likely to go away without proper care. Seeing a dermatologist is critical when experiencing this type of acne. Prescription antibiotics and cortisone shots may be the only things capable of reserving the intolerable condition.

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