Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

4 Eye Issues That Require An Ophthalmologist

Nellie Ryan

If you're having an eye related issue that is persistent at best and painful at worst, then it is probably time to see an ophthalmologist. They can address the issue and possibly help you save your vision. Read on and discover just a few issues that an ophthalmologist can definitely address.

Temporal Arteritis

No one knows the exact cause of temporal arteritis – it is sometimes chalked up to a damaged immune system – but what occurs is well documented. Essentially, this issue manifests itself as the arteries throughout your body becoming inflamed. This can cause a number of issues, including pain while chewing and massive headaches. Often times, temporal arteritis can cause you to suddenly lose vision in one eye. If not treated immediately, it can occasionally lead to permanent vision impairment or vision loss. There are also occasions when both eyes will fail.


This is an issue that occurs to many people. After the age of 40, your eyes will begin to naturally degrade. You will not be able to see objects that are close up, in front of your face, as well as small print. However, an ophthalmologist can help ameliorate these issues for you. Many times presbyopia can even be corrected through a simple matter of prescription reading glasses. Occasionally, an ophthalmologist will recommend LASIK surgery in order to correct the issue.

Eyelid Issues

Although the eyelids protect your eyes, there are times when the eyelids themselves can become damaged. You may find that your eyelids have suddenly become the subject of itching, tearing, or general pain. You may even find that your eyelids are subject to wild spasms. Most often, these issues are nothing to worry about. However, if the issues persist, it is recommended that you make an appointment with your local and trusted ophthalmologist. He or she may recommend cleaning methods which may address the issues, or if the issue is rather serious, the doctor can recommend medications or surgeries which can correct the problems.


After stepping into the sun or into a bright room after being in a dimly lit area, you might notice little tiny specks "floating" in front of you. These are often referred to as "floaters." These are not an issue for concern, unless, of course, the issue persists. Persistent floaters can be indicative of more serious issues, such as retinal detachment. If you see flashes of light or dark shadows on the very edge of your vision, accompanied by constant floaters, see your ophthalmologist immediately.

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