Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

3 Tips For Coping With Infant Reflux

Nellie Ryan

Most young babies spit up on occasion, but for some infants reflux can be a serious problem that affects their health and temperament. A baby with a bad case of reflux may constantly spit up the contents of his or her stomach, which may lead to issues with gaining weight. But more commonly, a baby's temperament is affected due to the fact that continually spitting up can be quite painful due to the high amount of stomach acids being regurgitated. While most babies grow out of reflux, it can be a difficult time in the early months for both parents and the baby. Use the following tips to help cope with infant reflux.

Smaller, More Frequent Feedings

Newborns and young infants are often hungry, but large feedings can be a bad idea for a baby with reflux. Smaller, more frequent feedings will leave smaller amounts of breast milk or formula in a baby's stomach, which can allow for faster digestion.This can help prevent large amounts of spit up while also helping make sure that the baby keeps down as many nutrients as possible.

Have Your Baby Sleep at an Incline

Infants with reflux can be poor sleepers because stomach acid can come up into the esophagus and cause discomfort while a baby sleeps flat on his or her back. You can help this problem by having your baby sleep at an incline, which can help keep stomach acid down. Never place a pillow, blanket, or any other type of material in a crib to prop your baby up in an incline while sleeping, as this can be very dangerous. The safe way to provide an inclined sleeping surface is to purchase a wedge that is placed under the crib mattress and holds it in an inclined position.

Discuss Medication with Your Child's Pediatrician

If infant influx is making your new baby absolutely miserable, his or her pediatrician may decide to prescribe liquid antacids. These medications usually will not entirely stop the spitting up, but they will neutralize the stomach acid so refluxing is not so painful and uncomfortable for your baby. Many babies with reflux find relief from prescription antacids, but you will have to work closely with your child's pediatrician to ensure that they continue to work. These types of medications can be very weight sensitive, so your child's pediatrician may have to change the dosage often as your child grows. Luckily, most babies grow out of having reflux problems within several months, to the prescription antacids will not need to be taken for too long.

Talk to a pediatrician for more information.


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