Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Tips For Staying Healthy In The Pediatrician's Waiting Room

Nellie Ryan

When you think about the waiting room at your pediatrician's office, you might be worried that your child is nervous, bored, or that you forgot to bring snacks. The thing is, efforts to keep your child healthy might also be getting them sick. Waiting rooms can be a hotbed for illnesses that can spread rapidly. Here are four tips to keep your child healthy when visiting the pediatrician.

1. Don't Wait if You Don't Have to

Don't arrive overly early to your child's appointment since you'll just be in the waiting room longer. If you can, wait in your car or outside and have the receptionist call when they are ready for you. Call ahead and make sure that the pediatrician's appointments are on time or if you should come later on. If your child is ill and doesn't have an appointment, get advice over the phone if possible. Your pediatrician may advise you to bring your child to the emergency room instead.

2. Keep Kids Up to Date on Vaccinations and Flu Shots

Getting your child's vaccinations and flu shots on time is a surefire way to keep them from picking up illnesses that can be avoided. Don't put your child at risk by lapsing on immunizations if they will be around other children, especially at the doctor's office.

3. Bring Your Own Toys

Pediatric waiting rooms may make an effort to have games and toys available to keep kids busy. If these are touched by kids all day long, toys might not be worth the germs. Bring along your child's favorite toys so that they can still keep busy while waiting. If your child cannot resist the play area, be sure to bring along hand sanitizer to use afterwards.

4. Be Mindful of the Time of Year

If you have your child's yearly checkup already on the books, be sure to be mindful of when appointments are scheduled. Having yearly visits set up in the fall or winter months might put you right in the middle of cold and flu season. If you can change yearly visits to spring or summer, there will be fewer sick kids with less germs to spread around.

Planning your child's pediatrician visits should keep your child healthy, not inadvertently spread illnesses. If your child is sick, be sure to let the receptionist know in case they would like your child to wait in an exam room. If your child should be at a clinic or emergency room, then they won't infect other children that are waiting for routine visits at the pediatrician's. Do your part to keep your child healthy, and the pediatrician's office (like Entira Family Clinics) a safe healthy place.


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