Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Over 50? Keeping Up With Your Healthcare Needs

Want To Help Kenyans? Three Ways To Assist Without Donating Money

Nellie Ryan

If a Kenyan nonprofit charity called or emailed you, do you know what your response would be? If you are especially cautious about sending money outside of the U.S., the caller would not be well received. However, there are many legitimate charities in Kenya trying to help Kenyans. If you are also a compassionate soul, you probably want to help anyway. Here are some non-monetary ways in which you can help any Kenyan charity calling for help.

Offer to Donate Your Time Rebuilding Kenyan Villages

New homes for Kenyan families are a very real need. There are a handful of charities that travel from the U.S. to Africa to help with this endeavor. They partner with Kenyan charities who are also building homes for their citizens. You could spend a month to a year living in Kenya and building new homes for families. If the caller asks for money, offer to donate your time instead.

Head There with Your Medical or Dental Expertise

Medical and dental care is costly to most Kenyans, the majority of which barely make the equivalent of a few hundred American dollars each year. If you are a doctor or a dentist, you could really make a difference in the health and lives of Kenyans by going there and providing free medical and dental care to those in need. That is not only worth more than any amount of money you could donate, but the effects of the services you provide also last for decades beyond any dollar contribution.

Donate Clean Water and Food

Kenyan charities call for monetary donations because there are still thousands of people starving in Africa. When you really want to help and make a major impact, donate clean water and food. The clean water is for drinking, bathing, and washing dishes and clothes.

Having lots of clean water also means that many young girls and women will not be assaulted, brutalized, or raped en route to the nearest clean water source. (Sadly, this is a very common occurrence.) Good food helps increase one's health and strength, which is only seconded by the need for clean water.

Send Books, Shoes, and Clothes

Books help elevate people out of poverty. Clothes cover the body and prevent disease and sunburn. There is a very limited number of books in this country because they rarely survive the wars and the damaging effects of the sun and monsoons, and the rest remain in libraries or schools to help children learn. More are needed to help teach and get the children interested in a good education. Since no one can attend school half naked or completely naked, clothes and shoes are needed, too.


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